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   A team spirit is a combination of the sense of the overall situation, the awareness of cooperation and the consciousness of service.

   First of all, we need to build up a team spirit in our company. Anything we do should be considered for the overall situation of the development of our organization. We should take initiative to promote the development of our company as good and as soon as we could. “One failure leads to another, and so does success”. We need to make our work as perfect as we could so that we will not miss any good opportunity. How important it is to be united in a company involved in the information industry like us!

   Second, we need to establish the belief that “all for one, one for all”. Within an organization, the relationships between different departments, superiors and subordinates, and FEOL and BEOL are like the relationship between each process in a supply chain, which can only be successfully maintained through cooperation and mutual efforts. More often than not, a good enterprise or a good department adjusts themselves to minimize problems. We should not shirk or ignore our responsibilities like some others do. Contrarily, we should adapt a positive approach, minimizing problems within unit department, amongst superiors and at the stage of FEOL, to create a better condition for the work of other departments, our subordinates and BEOL.

   In addition, we need to have the awareness of taking initiatives in our services. Unlike the concept of a group, the function of a team is to help each other in order to obtain the mutual goal. Some neglected problems are critical to the quality of the whole service we provided to our clients. This therefore requires us to carry our team spirit, taking initiative to help one another to provide a high quality service amongst departments and doing our best for our clients. By this way we will be able to make any aspect our work much better than many other organizations.

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